• To be the leading Production House in Malaysia by the year 2020.


  • We aspires to achieve and deliver highest quality standard of performances in all investments and ventures undertaken with the ZASYAZ Branding..


  • “….success through quality…..”

ZASYAZ production Sdn. Bhd

ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. is currently 90% owned by ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and is in the business of production house and related. It was incorporated on 30th August 2006 with the increasing numbers of TV Stations and the serious effort by the Government to improve our production industry. ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. vision is to be the leading production house in Malaysia by 2020. This long term goals could be realized through quality products offered by the company and the strategic action plan of the ZASYAZ Group. ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. is supported by the fully paid-up capital of RM100,000 out of RM100,000 authorized share capital and the company is confident that this authorized and paid-up capital will be increased accordingly with company growth.

The management team of ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd is headed by Group Managing Director, Ir Zainal Ariffin Osman. He is supported by an expert in the industry that is En. Mohamamad Omar as Executive Producer. En Mohammad or Mas Omar is a well known person in the production and has been in this entertainment industry for over 30 years. ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd will use the expertise of Mas Omar as a guide for the company to excel in the market. Puan Sarimah Bt Mohd Ali also plays an important role as Executive Director due to her earlier involvement in the industry.

ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated to carry on business of production house such as producing tv programs, drama, tele movie and also sitcom. Besides this the company will expand into producing films or movies and also involved in all type of event management and IT related business.ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. income is derived from the sales of the completed program or production to the respective clients and other income within the company scope of business.

The marketing target for ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. would comprise of TV Stations, Government & Agencies, Corporate Organizations and General Public.With branding of ZASYAZ Group, innovative marketing plan and approach coupled with excellent networking, personalized presentation and strategic alliance, ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. is confident to be recognized as first choice production house. As an important tool for ZASYAZ Group branding, ZASYAZ Production Sdn. Bhd. will adopted a strategic communication plan with emphasized on the quality product.