• To be the leading Livestock Farm in Malaysia by the year 2020.


  • We aspires to achieve and deliver highest quality standard of performances in all investments and ventures undertaken with the ZASYAZ Branding..


  • “….success through quality…..”

ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd


ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd is currently wholly owned by ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and is in the business of livestock farming and related. It was incorporated on 1st September 2006 in line with the increasing opportunities available due to the current government policy on agriculture and agro-based industry. ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd. vision is to be the leading livestock farm in Malaysia by 2020. This long term goal could be realized through quality products offered by the company and the strategic action plan of the ZASYAZ Group. ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd. is supported by the fully paid-up capital of RM100 000 out of RM100 000 authorized share capital and the company is confident that this authorized and paid-up capital will be increased accordingly with company growth. The management team of ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd is headed by Group Managing Director, Ir Zainal Ariffin Bin Osman. 

ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd. operation in livestock farming will be commencing upon securing of land and financial assistance from any institution. The company will adopt the feedlot method for livestock farming. With the modern approaches in livestock, recognition of Malaysia as International Halal Food Hub, continuous Research and Development and latest farming technology ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd. believes the future prospect for Livestock Industry is very bright.

The marketing target for ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd would comprises of FAMA, Contract / Bulk Selling, Butchers, Retailing, Seasonal Buyers and Export Market. With branding of ZASYAZ Group, innovative marketing plan and approach coupled with excellent networking, personalized presentation, strategic alliance, aggressive promotion and active participation in trade exhibition locally and internationally, ZASYAZ Farm Sdn. Bhd. is confident to be recognized as first choice livestock centre.

Income structure of the company will be based on the selling of livestock and meat product. The company has estimated to sell 480 livestock for the first two years of operation and increase to 1080 livestock in the following year. The amount sold will be increased upon the expansion of the farm. The company has planned to expand it’s farm for about 50 % annually of the existing farm in 5 years period. This expansion is believed to increase the revenue of the company by at least 50 % per year.