• To be an excellent World Class Corporation by the year 2020.


  • We aspires to achieve and deliver highest quality standard of performances in all investments and ventures undertaken with the ZASYAZ Branding..


  • “….success through quality…..”

ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn. Bhd

ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn. Bhd. established as a parent company for ZASYAZ Group is principally engaging in property investment and investment holding businesses. It was incorporated in April 2004 in line with the economic growth. Currently, ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd holds the majority shares in ZASYAZ Consulting Sdn Bhd which involved in Project Management & Corporate Finance Consultancy Services, ZASYAZ Production Sdn Bhd that is in the business of Production House & Event Management and ZASYAZ Farm Sdn Bhd which embarked in Lifestock Farming & Agro Related.

Beside subsidiaries, ZASYAZ Group also comprise of Associates where ZASYAZ Engineers Sdn Bhd that concentrate in Engineering Consultancy Practice and ZASYAZ Enterprise which involve in Retailing & Debt Collection. ZASYAZ Group is aiming to incorporate few more subsidiaries in future involving other strategic businesses such as ZASYAZ Properties Sdn Bhd (Property Development & Management), ZASYAZ Builders Sdn Bhd (Construction) and ZASYAZ Landscape Sdn Bhd (Landscaping).

Currently, ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd is operating with RM750,000 paid up capital from a total of RM1,000,000 authorized share capital. It is owned by Ir Zainal Ariffin Osman and Puan Sarimah Mohd Ali with each of them holding 60% and 40% of the paid up capital respectively. The authorized and paid up share capitals will be increased subsequent with the growth and expansion of ZASYAZ Group of Companies.

ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd has targetted to invest in properties in the area of bright future value appreciation determined by proper market research. Similarly in other business investments, ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd will continously explore opportunities and diversify into feasible and viable ventures. The main principle is to make the right investment and thus this principle will guide ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd to achieve its goal. The marketing plan for ZASYAZ Group shall focus on ZASYAZ Branding which emphasized on quality products and services.

The income structure of ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd is mostly derived from proceed sales of land and properties and also from revenue or dividend from subsidiaries. With the bright prospect of property business coupled with other strategic investments, ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd has aimed at least 50% growth annually in the turnover for the next five years. This can be realized due to the increased contribution from the subsidiaries, proper planning and business expansion by the management and property appreciation.

In line with its vision to be a world class corporation and long term strategic action plan, ZASYAZ Corporation Sdn Bhd has aspired to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in year 2020 i.e. 10 years upon operation. ZASYAZ Group Financial Projection till 2020 has been formulated to consolidate all its current and future subsidiaries with properties and related as core business contributing approximately 50% of the revenue. Upon listing, ZASYAZ Group of Companies would be able to expand internationally and eventually achieve its vision in 2020.